How do you do,Welcome to jiangsu yanlord electric co., LTD,We focus on the production research and development of high and low voltage complete switchgear,High、Low element And provide power engineering general contracting、The installation、Type test!

Warm congratulations WeChat public of my company"Yanlord electric"The official opening
2016Years10Month01Day,Yanlord electric co., LTD in jiangsu WeChat public official opening operation。My company WeChat public contains“Yanlord electric”、“Product center”、“Customer service”The three columns,A subtopic,Will pass by、Video and other forms,To the user to push the company corporate news、Main product information, etc,Provide basic information company、Recruitment information、Wages and benefits as well as contact information query function。Users can through this platform know company news in a timely manner、Industry dynamic information, etc,Communicate with users with zero distance。 ..
GGDArk andGGKWhat is the difference between the ark?2018/5/28
Transformer room and safety management system2018/4/7
Shock!Haikou multiple projects involving fake substation equipment,The amounts2018/4/4
A simulation method to investigate the heating effect of the high voltage switch cabinet2018/3/29
10kVIs how to control high voltage switch cabinet2018/3/29
Warm congratulations WeChat public of my company"Yanlord electric"The official opening2016/9/28

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